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Why You Should Regularly Check and Clean Your Drains and Sewers

14 Jan

Owning or renting a home or property comes with a responsibility for maintenance and upkeep. Sometimes that will lead to unexpected costs. A building has many different areas that could (and do) go wrong.

At times, areas like your pipes and sewers can go wrong, and that can lead to larger problems. Checking and cleaning your sewers and drains (as with any maintenance) can help you avoid catastrophes and it’s highly recommended that you clean your pipes annually. We certainly recommend an initial inspection of pipes and sewers if you’re taking on a new building.

Generally speaking it’s best to get your pipes cleaned at least every 18-24 months, but annually is recommended by us. If you’re having problems more often than that, you may need to schedule a video inspection of your pipes.

Here are some things to consider and also look out for when it comes to your drainage and sewers


What does a sewer actually do?

You’ve probably never really asked this question as your sewers will work quietly in the background and won’t trouble you for the majority of their lifetime.

sewer is designed to collect the water and waste from your property via the drains and then take it away to be treated by the local authority or sent to your septic tank for treatment.

For the majority of cases, sewers are publicly owned but maintained by your water company, but there are still some privately-owned sewers so make sure you know who’s responsible for what.

You’re obviously responsible for maintaining and repairing the drains and pipes inside the boundaries of your property.


Issues with your pipes that could leads to more problems

As we said earlier, your pipes and sewers will mostly run quietly and efficiently in the and give you little reason for concern. But there are times when you’ll need to get an expert in to inspect or repair your pipes so here are the most common reason for your water or sewage system to fail.

  • Tree roots – Trees need water and roots go out and look for it. Breaking into your pipes and sewers is ideal for a tree, but not for your system as it leads to cracks and blockages.
  • Grease – Grease from your waste can and will build up if it’s not flushed away effectively and this is where regular cleaning can really help.
  • Sagging pipes – Over time, clips and housings become weak and this can lead to sagging pipes which cause blocks, cracks, and slow drainage.


All of the above are really common and should be pretty simple to fix. A CCTV pipe inspection will give you and your plumber or drainage expert a crystal clear view of the problem and help them to assess it and remedy it with minimal fuss.


What to look out for

As with most problems in life (and property) there are usually some warning signs before disaster strikes, so familiarize yourself with these and get help if you notice them or see them getting worse.

Signs that you may have problems with your sewage:

  • Slow drains or bad odors.
    Slow moving water or bad odors are usually the first signs that you have a block or build up. You should try to fix this sooner than later to prevent bigger problems.
  • Gurgling sounds.
    Sounds from your drain are the amplified noise from water and sewage struggling to leave the boundaries of your property. Don’t ignore them.
  • Water around the floor drain.
    If you see water anywhere that it shouldn’t be then chances are something isn’t working! Water around the floor drain is a sign that it’s not draining correctly and that could be the signal of future problems.
  • Raw sewage backing up into your drain.
    Clearly, this isn’t normal (or nice). If you have this problem, then you’ll definitely want to call an expert right away.
  • If water backs up into your shower or bath.
    Water from your shower or bath should leave the property quickly. If it doesn’t then you might just have some clogging locally. But if water or sewage comes back up your shower or bath drain then you have a serious blockage elsewhere.
  • Constant clogging or multiple clogged drains.
    If you’re forever unblocking something or pouring chemicals to get a good result from your drains then you might have a problem like a blockage in your pipes or sewage that needs some expert attention. Don’t keep it at bay; eradicate it with a proper clean and maintenance instead.


If your sewer line is more than 30-40 years old, inspect it now

Older pipes and sewers that have never been cleaned or inspected really should have a good look over and a thorough clean. If you have a history of blocks or trees in the area then a regular clean and maintenance is recommended and again we’d suggest every 12 months.


Once a year inspections are best

If you’re experiencing problems more often than this then you might need to call a plumber or a pipes and sewer expert. Get a CCTV inspection booked in for your pipes and find out what exactly is going on with your water works to avoid future, costly and unwelcomed problems.

We can clean and maintain pipes in the Colorado area.

Just contact us today for a quote or call out.




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