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What Is A CCTV Pipe Inspection And What Are The Benefits?

10 Jan

One of the biggest fears about pipework is a blockage. For years and years, the pipes will work tirelessly to remove water and waste from your building like cylindrical silent heroes! But when you get a blockage it can be worrying, disruptive, and potentially costly. Pipes are often buried beneath the ground, so getting to them and finding the cause of the blockage can be really tricky.

CCTV pipe inspection takes all the worry away and has so many benefits to you and your building that we thought we should share them with you.

Firstly, what is CCTV pipe inspection?

CCTV Pipe Inspection uses very intelligent and versatile underground CCTV cameras to detect problems in your pipes. The cameras used in CCTV pipe inspections can be fed into pipes all of sizes and then give a full 360-degree view.

If there’s a crack, damage to the pipe, tree roots growing through it, residual fat, or any other reason for your pipes being blocked, the camera shows it up. This quickly shows the operator the actual reason for the block or problem. This means the building owner can arrange for the right repair or work to be carried out in the right place.

Six Benefits to using CCTV pipework inspections


1.    Precise and accurate

Using a 360-degree camera to inspect your pipes gives you the view you really need. No guesswork is required. You get accurate data with which to make decisions.

Problems in your pipes are therefore located and identified with great speed and without any further damage to your pipes which is likely to save you time and money on future repairs or unnecessary work.

A CCTV inspection gives you:

  • The accurate location of the problem, including the depth
  • Data that’s recorded and can be shared with other workers or contractors
  • The precise issue in no time at all.


2.    Prevention is better than cure

Another great reason for a CCTV inspection is to take a look at your pipe work and spot any issues that might be arising before they become a bigger problem.

There’s a lot that could go wrong with your pipe in its lifetime and keeping on top of maintenance and having a clear view of what’s going on is important.

Some of the dangers to your pipes could be:

  • Grease and fat
  • Hair
  • Foreign objects
  • Toiletries and wipes
  • Tree leaves or roots

These are very normal and left untreated could well lead to bigger leaks and problems. CCTV gives you the full picture.

Preventative repairs can be carried out thanks to the results of the filming and this could save you a lot of future headaches.


3.    No need for costly excavation

Most of the time, with CCTV, once you spot a problem and remedy it quickly you can save on the huge cost and upheaval of an excavation. Without it though, one of the only ways to see what’s going on in your pipe is to excavate a lot of them and see what’s going on.

This is going to cause a lot of work and unnecessary digging on your land. Without the right data or guidance, you could find that the problem could be hidden for a long time.


4.    Identifies the problem the first time

CCTV inspects the entire pipe and therefore if there’s a problem, we’ll find it with the camera. This then eliminates and guesswork and ensures we find the actual problem for you and you get a one-time solution and fix to that troublesome pipework.

CCTV helps you avoid any unnecessary costs that come with incorrect diagnosis of a problem in a pipe and leave you to pay for the problem, not the research!


5.    CCTV pipe inspection is non-destructive

CCTV is gentle and non-invasive and saves causing more harm while you’re trying to fix a problem. Many of the other alternatives will actually give you more problems and if a pipe is under stress already it could give you more of a problem.CCTV pipe inspections should be carried out by a professional who understands this and does it without disrupting too much of the pipe in question.


6.    Environmentally friendly

We all like to do our bit for the environment and digging up the ground when you don’t need to is not great. CCTV inspections limit the excavation and sometimes save it all together, saving your environment from being disturbed unnecessarily.


CCTV pipe inspections – the best route to success

CCTV Pipe inspections are:


  • Clean – no digging needed
  • Quick – isolates the problem right away
  • Effective – the cameras have 360-degree vision
  • Convenient – can detect the problem with no hassle
  • Reassuring –the problem can be fixed right away.

If you need to arrange an inspection for your pipes then please do contact us now or head over to our CCTV Pipe Inspection information here.

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