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The Colorado Winter is Over. It’s Time to Inspect Your Pipes!

14 Jan


If you live in the Colorado region then you’ll be well aware of the seasonal changes that we have. The snowfall and then big ‘melt’ can cause a lot of water issues! Flooding can and does cause a lot of problems in the area.

It’s not just the melting snow that causes the flooding though. Good old rain – and lots of it – causes just as many problems, and just as much damage to the local area, roads, and of course the drainage systems.

In 2013 we saw some of the worst flooding in Colorado for some time with 231mm or rain recorded falling on September 12th. The result was catastrophic flooding and sadly the loss of lives, too.

The impact on the local areas was huge and then of course all that water eventually needs to go somewhere. The drains, sewers, and storm drains did their job eventually – but not before sewage treatment plants released 20 million gallons of raw sewage as well as 150 –270 million gallons into the area.

Flooding is a danger to us all.

Now is the right time to check on your pipes and sewers in between the seasons that are more likely to affect us.


When’s the best time to get your pipes and sewers inspected?

Your pipes and drains should ideally be inspected annually by a professional company like us to help them stay clean and to give you the best chance to spot any problems before they become so big that your system is compromised.

The best time to check your pipes and sewers is outside of the rainy season and not during the winter or near the end of winter when rapid melting of snow can cause a large influx of water into the systems.


What problems can a pipe or sewer inspection find?

Pipes generally live underground without issue but as they’re buried in the earth with a lot of running water and other liquids and items flowing through them constantly, the inevitable wear and tear can happen.

Cracks can form and that often leads to roots from plants and worse – trees – making their way into the pipe.

Trees love a good pipe! Pipes offer a constant, fresh supply of water and that’s exactly what a tree root is designed to seek out. Once a tree root gets into your pipe, it will grow, expand, and cause big problems for your pipes, including in many cases, a huge blockage and an expensive repair.


CCTV pipe inspections are non-intrusive and very informative

One of the best ways to inspect your pipes and spot any future problems, especially with periods of heavy rainfall that will test even them cleanest and free-flowing of pipes, is a CCTV pipe inspection.

CCTV Pipe inspections are:

  • Clean: There’s no digging required
  • Quick: We can isolate the problem right away
  • Effective: Our cameras have 360 degree vision
  • Convenient: We can detect the problem straight away and decide on the fix there and then
  • Reassuring: We’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s going on and provide a fix for it.

Most of the time we’ll find nothing, and we’ll tell you all is well. That peace of mind is great.

But when we do find a problem like a crack, blockage or build-up of grease that could lead to something worrying, we’ll work with you to fix it and stop any future disasters from happening.


Why does winter cause so many issues for pipes?

In Colorado our biggest problem is the snow and then the melting snow and inevitable water flow from it. Add to that the high rainfall that we experience and you have all the ingredients for pipe problems.

It’s not just the pipes with a little crack or the odd narrowing from a build-up of grime that are a danger. In 2013 during the big flooding even the oil companies suffered flooding and a great loss to their business, and you’d expect a company with a lot of money and resources to have exceptional maintenance and pipework.

Even the roads and sidewalks experience issues in the high rain/water seasons and some of the damage to the roads in 2013 was simply down to the volume of water that the sewers and pipes couldn’t cope with.

So why make it harder? Getting your pipes inspected and cleaned regularly is is highly recommended if you’re to avoid any potential problems.


High County Roto-rooter – covering residential, commercial and municipal customers in Summit, Eagle, Park, Lake, and Clear Creek Counties

Let’s have a chat about annual maintenance for your pipes and sewers and especially if you have a septic tank.

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