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Clear Clogged Drains in Your Home – Everyday Maintenance to Help Your Systems Flow Better

14 Jan


We’re often called out to clogs in drains and sewers that have built up over time. All of those clogs (with the exception of tree roots or leaks due to cracks) have come from the property itself.

Water flows away from the property, so the clog doesn’t come from the sewer, it comes from you. One of the best ways to avoid clogs is to be sure you’re careful what goes down your waste in the first place. But over time, a build-up can and will cause you to need to perform some maintenance.

Although not the greatest job you could wish for, these regular jobs will help you and your drains live a happier life!


Main sewer line clog

You’re responsible for the portion of underground sewer pipe that leads from your building to the main sewer line. Many home-owners don’t realize this and so are shocked when they’re told by utility companies. When a clog happens ‘on site’, not in the road or further away, it’s your issue to fix.

Although they will usually work perfectly well for years, carrying out drain or sewer maintenance is recommended once a year, to keep an eye on them and keep everything flowing the best way possible.

Washing machine clog

Inside your home, everything with a waste outlet can cause problems if it’s not maintained. Your washing machine and your dishwasher are no different. Both will have an outlet for the waste water and they will both have a U-bend and pipes to the rear, plus filters, and of course directions for proper use.

Take time to check and clean the filters and traps in your machines but also inspect the U-bend every few months. If you notice water is slow to drain or there’s an unusual smell, then get it checked out properly sooner rather than later.

Garbage disposal clog

By the very nature of the garbage disposal, your waste here will have food scraps and grease in it. This is a big cause of blockages to your pipes and you’re well-advised to keep an eye on the trap and plumbing for your garbage disposal to make sure it’s clean and clear.

Also make sure it’s working as well as it can to save larger waste getting lodged and building up in your waste pipes.

Sink U-bend

The U-bend is a clever little design and its aim is to keep the odours from coming back up the pipes into your home. The water that stays in the bend is replaced each time there’s a flush of water.

But the U-bend will eventually get clogged with bits of food, hair, and other items, so it’s worth your while to clean it and keep it in the best condition it can be. Ridges and grooves in the fittings will capture bits as they flow past and it might be the start of something that causes you more problems in time. Like all things, a bit of maintenance now can prevent bigger problems in future.

Floor drains

Floor drains in wet rooms, showers, or outside your property on the driveway can get clogged up from the top down. Often blockages will show no sign but once you see that water is taking time to drain away you know you have something not quite right.

Regularly check for hair or debris, especially in the fall with outside drains. Making sure you have a good drain cover outside will help, but you’ll need to clear it regularly.

Get a drain inspection once a year…

 To save experiencing problems, get a CCTV inspection booked in for your pipes once a year and arrange a thorough clean of them all. Your internal plumbing and drains will usually be fine with regular checks and cleans and will help you avoid bigger problems, but cracks and tree roots entering your system can and will happen, so be vigilant with regular checks and cleaning.

We professionally clean and maintain pipes in the Colorado area.

Just contact us today for a quote or call out.


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