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High Country Roto-Rooter Services

Expert Wastewater Solutions Delivered Locally in Colorado

High Country Roto-Rooter Breckenridge, Colorado has been providing Roto-Rooter services throughout Summit County, Eagle County, Clear Creek County, Park County and Lake County for more than three decades. We have the backing of Roto-Rooter Co-operation, one of the largest drainage and wastewater companies in the world. However, as a family-owned firm, we are proud to deliver local services to local people quickly, safely and effectively.

Where does Roto-Rooter come from?

Samuel Oscar Blanc (1883-1964) with an early Roto-Rooter sewer cleaning machine.Early Roto-Rooter Service Van back in 1937 - Slogan Electric Roto Rooter Sewers Cleaned.Early Roto-Rooter employee using drain unblocker to clear drains.

Roto-Rooter’s origins were humble. The firm began in the 1930s after Samuel Oscar Blanc needed to solve a frustrating problem with tree roots that had invaded the sewer line at his son’s apartment. At the time, the only way to clear a clogged underground pipe was to dig up the ground, break the pipe and remove the blockage. And, if you don’t know exactly where the blockage is, it can result in a lot of dug up ground.

Blanc wanted to be able to clear the roots from the sewer without having to dig the ground up in order to reach them. So, he invented a cutting machine that would go directly into the pipe and do just that. Blanc’s first ever cutting machine was built using commonplace items: a washing machine motor, wheels from a child’s toy wagon and a 3/8″ steel cable. He attached a sharp c-shaped blade at the tip of the cable and this blade was rotated so that it cut invading tree roots out of sewer lines.

Blanc’s creation was revolutionary. Until then, to reach a clogged pipe you had to dig down to it – and that could mean ripping up paving, driveways, roads, parking lots and gardens. Now, for the first time, there was a non-destructive way to remove tree roots from pipe lines which meant the ground didn’t have to be dug up in order to clear the sewer lines that lay beneath them. Instead, his machine would do the job from the inside.

As you might imagine, customers were delighted: Blanc’s method was faster, created almost no mess at all – and was significantly cheaper than digging up the ground. Customers are still just as delighted these days!

Roto-Rooter today

Roto-Rooter Trucks and Vehicles in the Yard.Roto-Rooter in action – Our High Country Roto-Rooter equipment in use on a job.Roto-Rooter Tanker in the yard.

Roto-Rooter has come a long way since 1930s. The Roto-Rooter Corporation now operates a franchise business with more than 600 service locations around the world. It serves some 90% of the US population and about 40% of the Canadian population.

In fact, Roto-Rooter is the largest provider of plumbing repair, sewer, drain cleaning and water cleanup services in both countries.

As one of America’s major Roto-Rooter franchisees, High Country Roto-Rooter Breckenridge can take care of any size of residential or commercial plumbing problem all over Colorado, from small faucet repairs to full sewer pipe replacement services. We clean up water damage caused by plumbing leaks, bad weather or any other cause of flooding. Importantly though, we’re owned by a local family so we bring the personal touch to everything we do for our customers.

What Roto-Rooter services do we offer?

High Country Roto-Rooter Team Member working and inspecting sewers.

Our main services are listed below – but for the detailed list please head over to our services page

  • Drain CCTV Inspections
  • Drains Cleaning, Unblocking, Clearing
  • Sewer Cleaning, Unblocking, Clearing
  • Trenchless Pipe Repair
  • Septic Systems
  • Sewer Pipe Relining

If you have a wastewater problem then rest assured – we have a wastewater solution. Contact us today.